We can assist design teams and building commissioners in providing guidance for missions such as: identifying the reusable elements in an existing building (reuse assessment); establishing reuse strategies, setting reuse targets and create evaluation tools; scouting suitable reclaimed elements; writing down bespoke specs for integrating reuse strategies; and design the projects so as to maximize the integration of reclaimed construction elements.

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We are able to undertake interior design projects crafted around reclaimed elements. Merging design and construction allows us to develop projects as a bespoke answer to the client's needs.

Titre projet type année
Realco cafeteria Design 2022-2023
Le serpent du Kanal (unbuilt) Design 2023-2023
Couroubles Design 2021-2023
Mu.ZEE - Art museum redesign Design 2021-2021
Kunsthal Extra City Design 2021-2021
Horst - stage for a music festival Design 2020-2021
Convent of the Poor Clares Design 2020-2020
Zonnige Kempen - interior design for a social housing company Design assistance Design 2016-2020
CCBW Design 2018-2019
Bruegel's Eye - Visitor's pavilion Design 2018-2019
Sanitary block for the Itterbeek Chiro Design 2018-2019
Strawberry Table Design 2018-2019
Recypark Anderlecht Design assistance Design 2017-2018
Martyrs Design 2017-2018
Who's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab Design 2018-2018
Pavilion "Winter in Antwerpen" (unbuilt) Design 2018-2018
Da quassù è tutta un’altra cosa / From up here, it’s a whole other story Design Exhibition 2018-2018
Dekkera Design 2017-2017
Librebook bookshop Design 2015-2016
Spooroost Design assistance Design 2014-2016
Mode and Design Brussels (MAD) Design assistance Design 2012-2016
Abattoirs de Bomel Design 2014-2015
Lafayette Anticipation Design 2013-2013
Grindbakken Design Exhibition 2012-2012
KFDA 2010 Design 2010-2010
Interior for Den Dam Design 2010-2010
KFDA 2009 Design 2009-2009
Interior design for the Vlaams Theater Instituut (VTI) Design 2009-2009
Temporary Office Space for Zinneke Design 2009-2009
Table and chairs for Manon Design 2008-2008
RDF181 Design 2007-2008
Privacy Screen Design 2007-2007
Kitchen One Design 2007-2007
Temporary office - PlanB Design 2007-2007