About us

Rotor is a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment. We develop critical positions through research and design. Besides projects in architecture and interior design, we also produce exhibitions, books, economic models and policy proposals.

In 2016, we've launched the spin-off project Rotor DC. This is the place to buy salvaged building components.


  • Design

    We are able to undertake interior design projects crafted around reclaimed elements. Merging design and construction allows us to develop projects as a bespoke answer to the client's needs.

  • Design assistance

    We can assist architects and building commissioners in providing guidance for missions such as identifying the reusable elements in an existing building (reuse assessment); scouting suitable reclaimed elements for a project; writing down bespoke specs for integrating reuse strategies; and design the projects so as to maximize the integration of reclaimed construction elements.

  • Publication

    Publications are an integral part of our work. These allow us to share our findings and experience more largely.

  • Exhibition

    Exhibitions are a format that allows us to deepen a specific theme that makes us curious. We usually carry out ourselves the research process, the curating and the scenography of the exhibitions. We often realize the installation as well.

  • Research

    Research is central in all Rotor's projects. Yet, some projects are more specifically oriented towards the investigation of specific topics, such as sustainability, circularity and the material economy. If some of our research project are quite theoretical, others are more action-oriented. In every case, we rely on a strong empirical approach.

  • Education

    We intervene in architecture, design, arts or engineering schools and universities, for periods varying from a 1-day lecture, a 1-week workshop or a 6-months studio.


Current collaborators

Romann Acacia, Lionel Billiet, Charlotte Bonduel, Tristan Boniver, Sophie Boone, Lea Bottani-Dechaud, Stijn Colon, Emmanuel Cortes Garcia, Pascale Damsin, Camille de Jerphanion, Nicolas Delaunoy, Lionel Devlieger, Aude-Line Dulière, Mohsen Ebrahimi Aborke, Christophe Escalé, Victor Everaerts, Gaspard Geerts, Michaël Ghyoot, Maarten Gielen, Beatrice Godon, Cécile Guichard, Renaud Haerlingen, Quentin Lemarchand, Katja Lorencic, Elie Maissin, Florence Meessen, Victor Meesters, Benoit Molherat, Susie Naval, Olivia Noël, Sébastien Paulet, Luna Pittau, Margot Saulnier, Margot Schurmans, Melanie Tamm, Emilie Thabard, Arne Vande Capelle, Victoria van Kan, Pierre-Yves Volont, James Westcott

We have also worked with...

Victoria Abelsen, Alex Basile, Lola Bazin, Koen Berghmans, Fani Bihr, Iveta Bláhová, Anne-Lise Bouillon, Florent Bouillon, Raid Boussouf, Jessica Butzberger, Amaury Caeyman, Livia Cahn, Barbara Calonger, Giulia Caterina Verga, Leo Cojean, Alison Creba, Ariane d'Hoop, Koen Daems, Caroline De Decker, Rein de Wilde, Elena Dell'Oro, Victoria Denimal,  Fien Deruyter, Camille Drion, Leila Eerens Sarango, Arthur Etard, Al Fajersztjn, Andrea Ferreri, Matthijs Fieuws, Elise François, Melissa Garipuy, Celine Ghyselen, Andrée Goldschmidt, Pauline Gonieau, Mathilde Haine, Anne-Catherine Hittinger, Louise Huba, Sarolta Hüttl, Melissa Jin, Samuel John Little,  Muhammed Karabelen, Ruth Kennivé, Romane Lavoine, Benjamin Lasserre, Aliki Loizidis, Manal Makhoul, Hélène Mariage, Alexis Mazin, Romane M'Bao, Louis Merle d'Aubigné, Jelena Milanović, Eva Neefs, Raoul Nguety Wandji, Tiffany Obser, Hanne Platteeuw, Catherine Plenevaux, Manon Portera, Timothée Raviol, David Regnier, Sylvain Regout, Bernardo Robles Hidalgo, Tim Rottiers, Tom Schoonjans, Tine Seghers, Sophie Seys, Celeste Ivon Suarez, Ian Tshimbila, Sandrine Tonnoir, Daniel Van Drimmelen, Florence Vaes, Zoe van der Pas, Adeline Van Hoof, Vincent Vergote, Jeroen Verrecht, Robrecht Verstraete, André Warnier, Arthur Wéry, Kent Wilson, Jean-François Wyseur, Uri Wegman, Beate Zavadska, Benedikte Zitouni


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