Reuse and Low-Tech

Field work is a big part of our job, but this time it was our turn to be turned inside out. The French association Low-Tech Lab stayed at our premises for a couple days at the end of 2021, to find out just how low-tech reuse is. Curious why this concept is so precious to us? Well, our visitors produced no less than a video, a podcast, an article, and a series of images, all available online for fr...

How to teach architectural design in the (new) age of contingency?

It is highly unlikely that today's students will still be able to see virgin steel and concrete as the go-to construction materials by the time they establish their own practices.

Depot Live Show(s) - Three lectures on reuse and reclamation dealers

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In May 2021, Bellastock, with the support of Rotor and Salvo, organised and hosted the Depot Live Show(s), within the framework of Interreg FCRBE.

Urban Mine Inc.

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In its purest, conceptual sense the circular economy promises an endless cycle of reusable resources. With regard to the construction industry, the concept often revolves around the central metaphor of the ​urban mine​, which understands the city as an accumulation of valuable materials and reusable elements. Through our work at Rotor and Rotor DC, we are continuously engaging with multiple actors...

De tanker bijsturen

Begin 2021 nam Lionel Devlieger plaats in de opnamestudio van Zwijgen Is Geen Optie om er te vertellen over het hergebruik van bouwmaterialen en de lange geschiedenis ervan, appropriate technology, de enorme kracht van financiële incentives, handenarbeid, cement en nog veel meer.

Zone à déconstruire. Petit tour d'horizon du réemploi et de la déconstruction

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Visite guidée tout public chez des protagonistes de la récupération. Une invitation à percevoir le réemploi non pas comme une solution à la surproduction de déchets de construction et de démolition, mais comme une pratique séculaire qu'il nous faut continuer à se réapproprier et à réinventer.

Rotor and RotorDC @ Leonidas

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Since early 2017, Rotor asbl-vzw and RotorDC are based in Anderlecht, in a former chocolate-factory owned by Citydev (a large Brussels public building owner). Since then, we have developed our activities and managed this site under a tenancy-at-will agreement. This is the story of our relationship with this place.


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On the one hand, we have a collapsing ecosystem, on the other the breakdown of the global economy, and in the middle a crisis in the collective sense of reality. (...) How does one act on the prospect of looming chaos? As part of the lecture series 'Arguments' hosted by Andres Jaque at Columbia GSAPP (June 2018, New York).

Current Preoccupations

In this lecture, Maarten Gielen presents what were Rotor's current preoccupations in 2016. As presented at the Architecture Association, 24 October 2016, London

Faire circuler les éléments de construction

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Cette conférence prenait place dans le cadre de la publication du livre Déconstruction et réemploi