Depot Live Show(s) - Three lectures on reuse and reclamation dealers

In May 2021, Bellastock, with the support of Rotor and Salvo, organised and hosted the Depot Live Show(s), within the framework of Interreg FCRBE.

The online event was completely dedicated to highlighting the existing reclamation dealers. In the midst of a lot of different activities, suh as an online opening conference, a two-weeks businesses portraits flow on social media, and an online closing roundtable with involved stakeholders, three videos were recorded and edited. All three videos are either spoken or subtitled in English

"Une histoire du réemploi des matériaux de construction" by Rotor. A lecture on the very rich history of construction material reuse, how we gradually lost touch with it since WWII, what we can do to pick up the thread again and why Rotor thinks that's important.

"Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991" by Salvo. A lecture on the history of Salvo, who manages Europe's oldest post-war directory of reclamation dealers, as well as on the companies preoccupations.

"Organiser la matière dans le projet et dans le territoire" by Bellastock. A lecture on how reuse shapes Bellastock's projects and philosophy.

And if you're still hungry for more information, you can check out Bellastock's youtube channel, for other videos of the event. 

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