A FCRBE pilot operation featured in the EU Commission's GPP good practices

Green Public Procurement

As part of the initial phase of the Interreg NWE FCRBE project, we conducted 36 pilot operations. In these, the project partners teamed up with building owners, architects and contractors to raise rec...

Official inauguration of Rotor and Rotor DC's new place.

Grand opening: 17 September, 14h

17 September, from 14h onwards, write it down in your agendas. Grand opening of the Rotor and Rotor DC's new space. You'll come for the guided tours and refreshements, but stay for the magnificent nor...

New pavillion for Rotor DC

Workshop "door palace" finished

After having moved from Anderlecht to Evere, one of the first interventions that was needed on Rotor and Rotor DC's new site was a pavilion to store Rotor DC's ever growing collection of reclaimed doo...

Contribution to the BMA's 2021 annual report

For their 2021 annual report, the BMA (Brussels Bouwmeester·Maître Architecte) asked Rotor to reflect upon the state of the situation in terms of circular construction in the Brussels Region. Our cont...

CC Delphine Mathy

Last chance to visit the exhibition 'Fluctuations' by ICA in Liège

For your interest: this week is your last chance to visit the exhibition 'Fluctuations' by Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles in Liège.

© Adrien De Hemptinne
From 800kg facade slabs to terrace tiles and wall cladding

Reuse of blue limestone in Multi

After 50 years as a façade cladding, some 82 heavy blocks of blue limestone reclaimed from the MULTI tower (Brussels) are now back in the stone workshop. The talented team of Carrière de Maffle is car...

New article by Florian Idenburg considers how reuse could contribute to reducing forced labour in the construction industry.

Reuse and labour conditions

"Because it takes years before a project needs to be renovated or dismantled, circular construction must be stimulated, possibly through tax incentives and regulations, so that companies can test new ...

Copyright: Rotor DC/Julien Hayard
Salottobuono adds on our greenhouse at Horst

Reused greenhouse being repurposed

Very cool to see our reused greenhouse at Horst being repurposed for their spring edition by Salottobuono (and curious what will come next). Pictures by Jeroen Verecht, Maxime Verbueken en Illias Tei...

©Maxim Verbueken, Horst Arts and Music

Le projet de rénovation des bâtiments Zinneke à la radio

Le projet de rénovation des bâtiments de Zinneke mis à l'honneur dans l'émission Façons de voir sur la Première (10 février 2022). Une belle visite guidée sonore de ce projet de rénovation, en co-créa...

Creative Commons, Delphine Mathy

New version of Opalis online!

Well, this has been a long process but we're finally there: a new, updated and heavily extended version of Opalis! Together with Bellastock we've been visiting salvage and reclamation dealers in Franc...

Job opening

Our Design Assistance Team is hiring

We are looking for a new project manager to join our Design Assistance Team. Curious? You'll find the job description here (in French and Dutch). Deadline to apply : April, 18th

Rotor DC internship opening: assistant warehouse / deconstruction / workshop

Are you interested in getting to know the building materials reuse sector? If you are looking for a professional experience in this field, Rotor DC offers a full-time paid internship inside the PROCE...

FCRBE delivrables are ready!

We proudly present: the Reuse Toolkit

After more than three years of work with our FCRBE project partners, we are very proud to present to you the 'Reuse Toolkit', a set of documents with guidelines regarding different aspects of reusing ...

Lots of reuse in an office interior

Pont Neuf transformation is finished!

Just finished: the transformation of an office floor to a learning campus for the employees of AG. Rotor helped evr-architecten to identify batches of reclaimed materials to be reused. From a very hea...

... more than 10 years after the exhibition

Reflections on Usus/usures

In this video, Michael Ghyoot reflects on Rotor's contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2010 and the role it played in the development of Rotor as a practice. Video by la cellule architecture de la ...

Copyright Eric Mairiaux

Rotor zoekt Nederlandstalige stagiair-architect

In het kader van de onze onderzoeks-, advies- en ontwerpactiviteiten zijn we op zoek naar een jonge (M/V/X) stagiair architect met een uitgesproken interesse voor de circulaire economie in de bouw. T...

Video on Rotor's involvement in the project "Rempart des Moines"

Do you ever wonder what exactly we mean by "design consultancy"?

In this video by Logement Bruxellois - Brusselse Woning, Sophie Boone explains in less than two minutes what input we provide, for the organisation's big project "Rempart Des Moines" in the centre of ...

Job opening

Rotor DC is looking for a project engineer

Our sister company, Rotor DC is hiring a part time project manager for the development and installation of a semi-industrial tile cleaning installation. To expand the diversity of tiles that Rotor DC ...

Salvaging of tiles at Val Benoit (2014, Olivier Beart)
Pavilion for Winter in Antwerpen featured in a new publication by AAIIA

Esthétique des structures

We started 2022 very well with the arrival of a new book (in French) by the Paris-based AAIIA, that investigates the aesthetics of contemporary structures and looks at the ambitions behind them. ...

Esthétique des structures - AAIIA

Zinneke nominated for the Brussels Architecture Prize

Even though Ouest architecture and Rotor didn’t win a Brussels Architecture Award this week, we couldn’t be more proud of the ZInneke project: a very creative transformation of a set of (ware)hou...

Ⓒ Delphine Mathy