New pavillion for Rotor DC

Workshop "door palace" finished

After having moved from Anderlecht to Evere, one of the first interventions that was needed on Rotor and Rotor DC's new site was a pavilion to store Rotor DC's ever growing collection of reclaimed doors.

Rotor's design (combining palet racks with a reclaimed greenhouse structure) was executed entirely by an enormous volunteer effort. Four groups each spend a full week in Evere, spanning in total the entire month of august. The result of these intense weeks under heavy sunshine can be seen on the pictures. 

A huge thanks to our international team of volunteers: Elena Dell’Oro, Julian Hudson, Guillaume Fénard, Hugo Vincent, Li Li Yap, Sriyam Thummatron, Kalina, Yanakieva, Anne Pijl, Julie Maddalena, Chloé Wasselin-Dandre, Jospeh Simms, Romy Straetmans, Natalia Recalde, Alex Kirschstein, Mathieu Ceuterick, Manon Marchand, Vittorio Romieri, Pierre-Loup Benoît, Haoran Wang, Hilke Mano, Denis Samyn, Julie Schumacher, Inès Penneron, Tia-Angelie Vijh, Win Nie Ng, Terry-Louise Doyle, Chris Woodvine, caterina Mirales, Yi Hund, Caterina Cameli, Julien Jacob, Joyce Ng, Nicole Ng

Special thanks to: Tim Rottiers and Maria Glionna