Articles about Rotor in Radical Architecture of the Future, Umbaukultur and Usbek & Rica

Rotor in...

Lately articles about, among others, the practice of reuse in Belgium, RotorDC, Opalis and the Zinneke project appeared in some interesting publications.

1. Radical Architecture of the Future, Beatrice Galilee, 2021, p.46-47.

In Radical Architecture of the Future innovative projects and unique thinkers shaping the world of spatial design in the twenty-first century are observed. Here the works by contemporary architects, designers, artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers and researchers are brought together, among them: RotorDC and Opalis.

2. Umbaukultur,  Christoph Grafe and Tim Rieniets, 2022,       p. 214-220.

This book introduces 30 examples that illustrate how seemingly everyday conversions can be turned into innovative architecture. Against the backdrop of the idea of the existing building stock as one of the resources for the transformation of our cities, the Zinneke project is broadly explored.

3. Usbek & Rica 34,  Christelle Granja, 2022, p. 34-35.

In Place à la seconde main avec les plateformes de réemploi Christelle Granja focusses on three pioneers developing the use of second hand to reduce the carbon footprint of construction and renovation by re-use platforms. Besides Mobius and Cycle up, Opalis is cited in this article.