Two new design projects nearing completion

A curious transport of MDF

On the one hand we have the Mu.ZEE in Ostend. A museum in a beautiful modernist building by Gaston Eysselinck, whose permanent scenography out of white MDF steadily covered up more and more of the original grandeur and quality of the interiors.

On the other, we have a deconsecrated church from the beginning of the 20th century in Antwerp. An empty but heavily connotated enveloppe that will be used by Kunsthal Extra City as an exhibition space for the coming years. 

We decided to link both projects to each other by working according to two complementary design strategies: stripping away just enough of the MDF at Mu.ZEE to let the interiors breath again, whilst installing in the church a particular piece of furniture made out of… you guessed it, the same MDF. 

The material transfer just happened this week. Kopspel (Extra City's contractor) went to Ostend to pick up the MDF boards that were carefully dismantled by the team of technicians from Mu.ZEE. 

Both organisations open their doors for the public just before the summer, Extra City in May, Mu.ZEE in June. More photos and info soon! Many thanks to everyone involved: Mu.ZEE, Extra City, Kopspel en Studio Kuurjeus

Pics © Mu.ZEE