Travelling exhibition: the 99 percent

From 2021 to 2023, a travelling exhibition will shed light on the hundreds of companies active today in the reclamation of building materials in North West Europe. The travelling exhibition showcases the research that has been conducted by Rotor, Bellastock and Salvo on these companies, within the framework of Interreg FCRBE. It includes: 

  1. A collection of samples of reclaimed materials.
  2. A map pinpointing the hundreds of companies active in the reclamation industry across the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. 
  3. A compilation of short and didactic video clips presenting pilot projects as well as different perspectives on reuse: why it is important socially, economically and environmentally and who are the main actors of the reuse economy. 

Together, these components offer an inspiring glimpse at reuse practices in North West Europe. The installation targets the general public, but also professionals and policy makers connected to the built environment and those working in environmental and material resource management by providing useful information to foster the adoption of reuse practices.

Not only does the exhibition talk about the circular economy, it is also entirely circular! The scenography is composed of former radiator covers. The entire expo fits in just one flight case, coming with detailed instructions on how to install and dismantle the setup. Furthermore, thanks to its modular nature, it can be flexibly adapted in function of the needs of the exhibition space.

The exhibition is available in English, French and Dutch and encourages the audience to discover reclamation businesses that are most local to them. It presents how reusing building materials can contribute to answer the global climate crisis. 

This exhibition is one of the multiple deliverables produced as part of the Interreg NWE project. Interested in hosting the exhibition yourself? Please contact FCRBE project partner Embuild: 

Rotor project team

Sophie Boone, Emmanuel Cortes Garcia and Lionel Devlieger, with the help of Romane Lavoine, Pauline Goniau and Michael Ghyoot

FCRBE project partners involved

Bellastock, Confederation Construction, Salvo.


Waste Build (online, Jan. 2021), Maison du zéro déchet (Paris, May 2021), Faculty of architecture of the ULB (Brussels, June 2021), Faculty of architecture LOCI of the UCL (Brussels, Oct. 2021), Brussels Environment (Nov. 2021), (Nov.-Dec. 2021), Institute of Design in Kielce, Poland (May-June 2022), Architecture festival, Warsaw, Poland (August 2022)




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