Reuse in the Multi project

The story of reuse in the MULTI project is a multi-layered one. For Rotor, it was one of our first large-scale design consultancy assignments. In this type of mission, we provide input on how reclaimed elements can be integrated in contemporary construction projects—an area in which the reuse tradition is long gone. It was clear from the beginning that the redevelopment of De Brouckère tower was going to be a real challenge in that regard, finding itself at the high-end spectrum of contemporary redevelopments. But we were excited to mediate between the existing reclamation sector with its constraints on one hand and the contemporary high-end construction practice with its many formalised and highly codified protocols and processes on the other.

The text "Reuse in the Multi project: quantity and quality – two goals" tells the story of the six-year long collaboration between Whitewood, Conix RDBM and Rotor, and gives an insight in the successes achieved, but also in the many stumbling blocks encountered. 


Arne Vande Capelle and Lionel Billiet

Book editor

Tomas Ooms (Antwerp: CONIX RDBM Architects, 2022)

Book title

. Working with . MULTI - Open Debate, Public Interior and Circularity


CONIX RDBM Architects