Reclaim @ Fluctuations, by ICA

Rotor was invited by the Institut Culturel d'Architecture (ICA) to contribute to the exhibition 'Fluctuations' which aimed to reflect upon the relationship between human settlements and rivers, following the floods of summer 2021 in Wallonia and elsewhere.

In this installation, we explore the material consequences of these floods. We focus more specifically on the waste they generated and the different practices for managing it.

The production of waste is a universal and complex phenomenon. In this respect, it constitutes an interesting prism for understanding how a given society manages its relationship with resources: what it preserves, what it uses, and what it discards. 

Because of their violence, intensity and exceptional nature, the floods of summer 2021 have exacerbated the production of waste. In response, they have also given rise to unusually intense practices of restoration, reclamation and care. The installation sheds light on these two facets. It reflects more globally upon how reclamation could be a way to move towards a more responsible and careful way to relate to our material resources.

See the video here


Project team Rotor

Tristan Boniver, Stijn Colon, Gaspard Geerts, Michael Ghyoot, Arne Vande Capelle

With the precious help of

Lionel Devlieger, Benjamin Lasserre, the Verfaillie family, Emeline Marcour and Crafteke