Deconstruction @ Constellation.s

In the summer of 2016, Arc en rêve, the architecture centre of the city of Bordeaux, featured Constellation.s, a 2.000 m2 exhibition showcasing more than 100 projects from around the world illustrating “new ways of inhabiting the world […] in the context of today's political, ecological and cultural crisis”.

Rotor's contribution to Constellation.s presented our work as deconstruction contractor through a more toned-down and evocative rather than didactic installation. We showcased 6 different materials which our teams extracted and prepared for reuse. 3D samples of the materials, mounted on pedestals, were shown before oversized pictures of the places they were taken from.


A project commissioned by

Arc en rêve centre d'architecture

Curation and scenography

Lionel Devlieger & Andrea Ferreri


Arne Baert


Andrea Ferreri, Caroline De Decker, Benjamin Lasserre

Thanks to

Maarten Gielen, Tristan Boniver, Benjamin Lasserre, the arc en rêve team

With the support of

Wallonie Bruxelles International