Careno - Be.Circular

As a 2016 laureate of the Be.Circular initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region in the context of its Regional Program for Circular Economy (PREC – Programme Régional pour l’Économie Circulaire), Rotor proposed to develop new methods for treating and commercializing ceramic flooring tiles, a construction element that was extensively used between 1900 and 1960 and for which exists a relatively constant demand.

The Be.Circular grant allowed us to optimize the re-circulation of these elements by tackling technical, logistical and commercial challenges.


A project by

Lionel Billiet and Sébastien Paulet.


BBRI (Belgian Building Research Institute).


A project supported by the Brussels-Capital Region in the framework of the Programme Régional en Économie Circulaire.



With the support of