Already There - ADS11 studio, Royal College of Arts

Royal College of Arts, London

Hosted by the Royal College of Arts (London), the ADS11 studio examines practices of deconstructing existing architectures, working with a series of sites and collaborators to develop an understanding of the methods and design possibilities of dismantling and reuse. What are the logistics of deconstructing buildings? And the potentials and limitations of reuse? How is design affected by working with fragments and leftovers of past architectures? The studio works with the recovery of materials, design and construction, as well as research and exhibitions. One common thread unites all these activities: they all start from existing conditions.

During the academic year 2019-2020, ADS11 continues the investigations into the contemporary transformations of Greater London. Building on last year’s detailed research, the studio explores complex maps and catalogues that explain what govern specific trends in the current building industry and real estate markets. As a way to flesh-out our understanding of these complex relationships, the studio engages in conversations with stakeholders around specific sites and projects. Underpinned by our concern for resources, we address issues around contemporary architectural practice and identify suitable contexts for relevant design projects.

The studio is based on Rotor's work but also foster the collaboration of guests and partners. Conversations, and practical and design explorations inform the work. The programme is a continuous immersion in the ethics and practice of deconstruction and reuse – examining the real-world impacts of our designs and constructions. Not only does ADS11 address questions on sustainability and reuse, but it also wants to trigger a different approach to history and historical production as a source of innovation.


A project by

Renaud Haerlingen & Victor Meesters (Rotor) with Livia Wang

Academic year

2019 - 2020