Extraction of ventilation system from Multi Tower

Second breath for a large ventilation unit

On October 2nd we finalised a reclamation operation of a large ventilation unit (the size of a van) from the Multi tower in the center of Brussels. This is the second operation of its kind that Rotor is involved with. The project involved 7 partners.

– Rotor did the research and assured the coordination
– Cenergie found a customer (Aquafin) to buy and reinstall the unit.
– As owners of the building, Whitewood agreed with the operation
– Demolition company De Meuter cleared the path between the machine and the output bay
– General contractor Cordeel provided the bridge and the crane for extraction
– HVAC contractor Trane carried out the disassembly
– De Groote NV was in charge of logistics as a subcontractor for Trane

Two other large machines on the 4th floor, the air conditioning systems, will also be salvaged. We found a buyer that will coordinate directly with the demolition contractor to make the necessary openings. 

Another, smaller, ventilation group was salvaged from the same building some months ago for use by Zinneke VZW in their newly renovated building.

The potential for reuse of large HVAC equipment is often overlooked. Many of these components trade at sizeable sums of money, and most installations are very well documented. Rotor DC can assist with the identification, extraction and selling of such equipment.

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