Interreg NWE FCRBE outcome!

New method to set and monitor reuse efforts

Setting quantitative targets can be a good way to incentivise reclamation and reuse in construction and renovation projects. There are, however, many ways to do so and some pitfalls to avoid. As part of the Interreg NWE FCRBE project, we have published four guidance documents covering this topic:

- A general method that establishes the necessary definitions and presents the key methodological aspects for addressing the issue of reuse and reclamation rates.

- An introduction to our analysis of reuse rates achieved in a sample of 32 recently completed projects.

- A compilation of 32 detailed project sheets, a complement to the analysis that gives as much details as possible on the reused elements used in each project

- A report on 4 live tests which explored how to implement reuse rates in various procurement procedures.

They can all be downloaded from the FCRBE website or in the documentation section of

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