Mode and Design Brussels (MAD)

Project for a design and fashion Centre in Brussels conceived in a joint team with the architecture office Vplus. The assignment is the result of an architectural competition organised by the City of Brussels for the transformation of an existing office and warehouse complex in the Dansaert neighborhood in the centre of Brussels. The aim of MAD Brussels is to regroup the offices and workshops of entities active in fostering the work of Brussels-based design and fashion talent. This project was made possible thanks to an ERDF subvention from the Brussels-Capital Region.

The project proposed by V+ and Rotor is radically conservative. Instead of demolition, as was suggested by the brief, it proposes to preserve the building volumes and make use as much as can be of what is already there.The project displays a high level of tolerance towards the existent and combines this with a high standard for anything new to be added. The end-result is a building far richer in typologies than could be realized with a design from scratch.

In collaboration with V+.