Deconstruction works in the Multi Tower continue

Reclaiming blue limestone slabs

In Octobre 2019, deconstruction works started on the facade of the plinth of the Brouckère Tower. Until February 2020, contractors Cordeel and De Meuter will be salvaging around 280 m2 of blue limesto...

Underground exhibition opens today

Today Underground in the City opens to the public, an exhibition guest-curated and designed by Rotor for the Museum of the city of Ghent. Better images are forthcoming, but this gives you a sneak peek...

Looking for a new collaborator !

Given the development of our activities, we are looking for a new colleague to take over the accounting and financial management of Rotor and Rotor DC. Curious to join our team? You'll find the job de...

Extraction of ventilation system from Multi Tower

Ever wonder how "reuse" works?

On October 2nd we finalised a reclaim operation of a large ventilation unit (the size of a van) from the Multi tower in the center of Brussels. This is the second operation of its kind that Rotor is...

Life under a cherry tree

First exhibition in Brussels!

In 2016, the Brussels-Capital Region launched its “Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire”, enthusiastically embracing the concept of a "circular" economy. Like in many other European cities, a not...

An interview of Lionel Devlieger

All the best examples we have of efficient ressource use are from the past

We just got this fresh copy of Thinking. Visions for Architectural Design, edited by Marilyne Andersen and Emmanuel Ray (Zurich: Park Books). Among other stimulating content, it contains an interview ...

New website!

So happy to refresh our website! We took on the opportunity to add more content to older projects. Enjoy the browse (now also compatible with tablets and smartphones).

Reportage sur Paris Habitat TV

Un reportage sur le réemploi dans le projet de rénovation des casernes de Reuilly sur Paris Habitat TV.