Librebook bookshop

Antonio Parodi contacted Rotor for his project of library called “LibreBook” with the wish of developing the concept of an interior design using a significant amount of reused materials. His idea for his store was to propose a selection of books in all the European languages, in an atmosphere of a gallery.
We developed the concept in a back-and-forth dynamic between the needs implied by such a program and the material opportunities we could find.
At the end, the interior appears to be a collection of stories...


  • Wall perforated panels : suspended celling (General de Banque)
  • Oak parquet floor : office building 200m far from the store
  • Plywood panels : Opera set (La Monnaie)
  • Plywood table top : office desks (European comission)
  • Wallpaper : Opera scenographic painting (La Monnaie)
  • Suspended fixture lighting : cafeteria lighting (General des Banques)
  • Lackered steel shelves : Henri Van De Velde’s Book Tower in Ghent
  • Kitchen : from an office building where we discovered Mr Parodi used to work in his early years
Rotor Team

Benjamin Lasserre, Renaud Haerlingen and Celeste Suarez with occasional help from Anne-Lise Bouillon, Andrea Ferreri, Maarten Gielen and Caroline De Decker.


Mario Gomez


Chaussée de Wavre 128, 1050 Ixelles


80 m²

Special thanks to

Les ateliers de La Monnaie for their precious help with the wallpaper.