In the spring of 2018, we were invited by the non-profit organisation "Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon" to review the layout and organisation of their premises: an early 20th century building in Court-St.-Étienne of about 2500 m2, housing the offices of several entities acting in the socio-cultural field as well as a theatre hosting artists in residence. 

Our mission consisted of reviewing the spatial functioning of these entities and their related activities (relaxation areas, kitchen, secretariat, outdoor areas, meeting rooms, etc.). It was mostly a question question of providing technical and aesthetic solutions in various places in order to make life in the premises more pleasant: research into furniture, improvement of the luminosity of the spaces, etc.). 

Wherever possible we tried to limit our interventions as much possible. Sometimes all that was needed was a new interior window, some furniture and good lighting... 

Rotor project team

Sophie Boone, Tristan Boniver, Uri Wegman, Victoria Van Kan


Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon (CCBW)

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The technical team of the CCBW!