Bruegel's Eye - Visitor's pavilion

The year 2019 is the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The world-famous painter lived in Brussels and visited the Pajottenland to find inspiration. On this occasion the municipality of Dilbeek is organising an open-air exhibition "Bruegel's Eye: reconstructing the landscape" featuring works by internationally renowned contemporary artists and designers. 

This visitor pavilion is Rotor’s contribution to Bruegel’s Eye.

It pays tribute in its own way to the painting The Parable of the Blind by Breugel (1568, Naples, Museo di Capodimonte).
The pavilion is a collage of everyday elements from the Flemish landscape: a hedge in Thuya occidentalis, a greenhouse, a scaffolding and a path in concrete pavers. As is usually the case in our work, we tried to use as few new materials as possible. The greenhouse, the scaffolding, the floor, the footbridge and the furniture were designed with materials that had already led a first life else- where.

The plant border in the greenhouse is an original design by Landinzicht Landschapsarchitecten (Bjorn Gielen) and is also planted by Landinzicht. Vegetables are planted in the border, in view of their decorative value. So it is not the fruit or edible foliage, but the plant and its blossoms that are central. Just as the greenhouse seems to have been picked from a garden, so do the vegetables.

Exhibition from 7 April to 31 October 2019
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Design team

Tristan Boniver, Lionel Devlieger, Gaspard Geerts, Sebastien Paulet, Hanne Platteeuw.

Production team

Sébastien Paulet, Daniel Van Drimmelen, Kim Laugs, Uri Wegmann, Stijn Colon, Gaspard Geerts, Hervé Brunet


Jardin ECO (trimming), Henser serrebouw (reconstruction glasshouse), Coopérative de construction AUTREMENT (concrete paving stone path), Studio Dott (graphic design), La Bruxelloise (scaffolding).


Plankenstraat 23, 1701 Dilbeek

Thanks to

Elena Dell'Oro, Cédric Gautier