Reclaimed window frames being placed at Zinneke/Masui4ever

Looking through the facade

This rear facade of a classical Brussels house is one of the few interventions that needed to be entirely re-build in the EDRF-funded project Zinneke/Masui4ever. Together with Ouest and Zinneke, we decided to make it an exemplary demonstration of reuse.

These reclaimed window frames have come a long way. Not in terms of distance (they are supplied by a Zwijndrecht-based salvage dealer) but in terms of process. It involved, among other, managing to get a building permit with only a blurry indication of the final design of the facade; the elaboration of bespoke technical specs for scouting available opportunities; and a very flexible attitude to design around these.

By the way, who said that reuse does not involve architectural composition?

Thanks to contractor De Coninck for the installation.

Masui4ever is a project supported by the ERDF program for the Brussels-Capital Region 2014-2021.

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