Nederlandstalige stagiair gezocht

Wil je deel uitmaken van ons team?Vacature : 6 maanden stageIn het kader van onze adviesopdrachten zijn we op zoek naar een stagiair architect (M/V/X) met een uitgesproken interesse voor de circulaire...

Second printing of Ad Hoc Baroque is available

Go (in BE)or ask your local bookstore!Thanks again to everybody who made this possible: Anja Hellebaut & Anthony De Meyere, Casier/Fieuws, Flemish Architecture Institute...

Flemish community culture price 2023

Rotor wins Ultima for Architecture and Applied Arts

Twenty years after our first project, Rotor was awarded the Ultima price for Architecture and Applied Arts by the Flemish community. All current collaborators want to take a moment to thank the more t...

Start of our new European Interreg NWE project: PREUSE

And off we go!

We werven aan...

Nederlandstalige stagiair-architect gezocht

In het kader van onze onderzoeks- en adviesactiviteiten zijn we op zoek naar een jonge (M/V/X) stagiair architect met een uitgesproken interesse voor de circulaire economie in de bouw. Taken en inhou...

Competition proposal got awarded third place

Le serpent du Kanal

Le Serpent du Kanal, our competition proposal with Fait Maison and Construire - Atelier d'architecture for the interior design of Kanal’s future bar-brasserie, unfortunately did not win. Our snak...

Open to the public until early 2024

Circular pavilions in Mechelen inaugurated

Combining reclaimed glass partition walls within a scaffolding structure? Why not! On the Kardinaal Mercierplein in Mechelen, two temporary pavilions are now open to the public. The evoke the memory o...

80% reuse in this interior project

Realco cafeteria finished

With motivated clients come great results. Rotor furnished the cafeteria of Realco's production plant (where they make enzyme-based cleaning products). From the ceramic and terrazzo tiles, light fitti...

We are hiring!

We are looking for a European project and public funding coordinator ... Curious? You'll find the job description here. Deadline to apply: 5 June 2023

Reuse of structural concrete elements

Lecture by Célia Küpfer - 4 May

On the 4th of May we have the pleasure to welcome Célia Küpfer for a lecture at Rotor. As part of the Structural Xploration Lab of the EPFL, Célia has been doing exciting research on the reuse of conc...

Copyright: Eklund et al. 2003
Rotor zoekt nederlandstalige stagiair-architect

We werven aan !

In het kader van onze onderzoeks-, advies- en ontwerpactiviteiten zijn we op zoek naar een jonge (M/V/X) stagiair architect met een uitgesproken interesse voor de circulaire economie in de bouw. Take...

Rotor among the beCircular laureates, edition 2022

Developing a new reuse inventory service

In January, Rotor was awarded a subsidy from beCircular - Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire (Bruxelles-Capitale), that will help us develop a new service of reuse inventories. More news d...

Yet another FCRBE delivrable published

Reclamation Audit guide online

You know we love making inventories. In a lot of reclamation projects, it's the very first step towards assessing the reuse potential of the materials in question. And in the recently finished 'Reclam...

Installation at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Sep 29 - Dec 5

So, how about cork?

Architects and the construction industry are beginning to embrace cork as a natural insulation material. But what does this mean on the ground? Together with AA School Diploma Unit 18, we spend some t...

©Rotor, AA School Dip 18
Official inauguration of Rotor and Rotor DC's new place.

Grand opening: 17 September, 14h

17 September, from 14h onwards, write it down in your agendas. Grand opening of the Rotor and Rotor DC's new space. You'll come for the guided tours and refreshements, but stay for the magnificent nor...

From 800kg facade slabs to terrace tiles and wall cladding

Reuse of blue limestone in Multi

After 50 years as a façade cladding, some 82 heavy blocks of blue limestone reclaimed from the MULTI tower (Brussels) are now back in the stone workshop. The talented team of Carrière de Maffle is car...

New article by Florian Idenburg considers how reuse could contribute to reducing forced labour in the construction industry.

Reuse and labour conditions

"Because it takes years before a project needs to be renovated or dismantled, circular construction must be stimulated, possibly through tax incentives and regulations, so that companies can test new ...

Copyright: Rotor DC/Julien Hayard
Salottobuono adds on our greenhouse at Horst

Reused greenhouse being repurposed

Very cool to see our reused greenhouse at Horst being repurposed for their spring edition by Salottobuono (and curious what will come next). Pictures by Jeroen Verecht, Maxime Verbueken en Illias Tei...

©Maxim Verbueken, Horst Arts and Music

New version of Opalis online!

Well, this has been a long process but we're finally there: a new, updated and heavily extended version of Opalis! Together with Bellastock we've been visiting salvage and reclamation dealers in Franc...

Job opening

Our Design Assistance Team is hiring

We are looking for a new project manager to join our Design Assistance Team. Curious? You'll find the job description here (in French and Dutch). Deadline to apply : April, 18th