Sustainable (Abitare n° 353)

A section of this issue of Abitare was guest-edited by Rotor. reflecting the theme of the fifth edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennale (19 September-1 December 2013), also directed by us. The starting point is a definition of "sustainability," an ambivalent word used at an international level to govern future policies. Besides a short text on the then current state of our research for the Triennale, we invited three authors to discuss as many projects.

Time regained
The three qualities of firmitas, venustas and utilitas identified by Vitruvius are put to the test on a large scale beyond the mere process of giving things labels. With the design for A.Z. Groeninge, be baumschlager eberle breaks with the traditional approach to designing hospitals (as machines to help people get better) and distinguishes between aesthetic and design categories
by Pierre Chabard

Atlas of the Copenhagens
A group of researchers– Deane Simpson, Kathrin Gimmel, Anders Lonka, Marc Jay and Joost Grootens – address the question of the meta-narratives of contemporary thinking on sustainability, discuss and visualise the virtuous “Copenhagen model” and analyse the international indices used to draw up urban sustainability rankings
by Deane Simpson

In Stavanger, the administrative centre of the Norwegian petroleum industry, Helen & Hard design Geopark, a public outdoor youth centre that makes use of salvaged elements from drilling wells and oil pipelines, lifting gear and anchoring equipment. They are happy to listen to suggestions from the young people who use it
by Björn Ehrlemark