De Ideale Woning

Part 1 / 2018

De Ideale Woning (DIW) is one of the main social housing corporations in Antwerp. The organisation’s headquarters are housed in an office building from the 1970s that didn’t fit their current needs anymore. Rotor assisted DIW in preparing the tender documents for the public call for the redevelopment of the building by providing the necessary information on the current opportunities in the reuse market and on the different methodologies for integrating these materials into the project. A similar study has been conducted for the social housing market in general, helping DIW to formulate strategies for the integration of reclaimed materials in their housing projects.

Part 2 / 2019 - 2020

Rotor was later invited by the winning architects, HUB, to have a look at some concrete options for reuse. By means of two working sessions a set of candidate reclaimed elements to be used in the project was determined.


Rotor Team

Part 1: Lionel Billiet, Arne Vande Capelle, Hanne Platteeuw
Part 2: Stijn Colon, Alex Basile with the help of Lionel Billiet


Part 1: De Ideale Woning
Part 2: HUB 


Antwerpen, Belgium