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A masterplan has been designed for the docks of Ghent. Some buildings have to disappear while concrete will be poured somewhere else, waterside dwellers will meet new neighbours and yesterday’s practices will make way for current activities.

Following this plan, a 160 meter long concrete structure, the Grindbakken – used in the past to transfer gravel and sand between ships and trucks – was about to be transformed into a multi-purpose area accessible to the public, supplied with water and electricity and painted white as an empty canvas for future activities.

When we were asked to present a first intervention in this space, we chose to interfere in this painting process. We selected and documented specific areas of interest, and 36 frames were built on-site to protect these areas during the cleaning and painting.

Since then, the Grindbakken have been progressively taken over by other interventions. The current state of the installation can be seen in the Grindbakken at the Dok Noord in Gent, a location publicly accessible 24/7.

A project by Tristan Boniver, Renaud Haerlingen, Lionel Billiet, Maarten Gielen

Taking place in a site freshly renovated by: Sarah Melsens and Roberta Gigante

with the support of AG SOB

Thanks to everybody who helped for the content research: Geert De Schutter, Wouter Van Landuyt, Maurice Hoffmann, Gilbert Velghe, Michel Procès.

Special thanks to: Lieve Van Damme, Yves Deckmyn ; Yves Trenson, Patrick Van De Gehuchte and their teams ; Lola Bazin, Matthijs Fieuws, Daniel Van Drimmelen, Muhammed Karabelen.

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