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Belgian pavilion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale

Rotor represented Belgium's French Community at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition Usus/Usures occupied the Belgian pavilion at the Giardini. The project explored wear as a reaction to use in architecture.

The exhibition is open to the public from the 29th of august, 2010. It runs until 21st November, 2010. Usus/Usures is a project by Lionel Devlieger, Michaël Ghyoot, Maarten Gielen, Benjamin Lasserre, Tristan Boniver, and Melanie Tamm. In collaboration with Benedikte Zitouni and Ariane d'Hoop.

Collaborators: Emily Darrow (production), Anne-Sophie Vanneste (press and communication), Jean-François Wyseur/arts-scenic (technical coordination), Hans Luyten (technical assistance)

Intervened as researchers in the project: Nicolas Bomal, Audrey Contesse, Wim Cuyvers, Stefan Devoldere, Ralf Grossek, Jan Kempenaers, Eric Mairiaux, Bruno Notteboom, David Peleman, Anna Rispoli, & Peter Westenberg

Members of the Selection Committee: Jean-Didier Bergilez, Maurizio Cohen, Chantal Dassonville, Laurence Degoudenne, Christine Guillaume, Pierre Hebbelinck, Anne Lenoir, Rafael Magrou, Carlo Menon, & Thomas Moor.

The catalogue of the exhibition was written by Rotor and crafted by Casier&Fieuws. It is a fundamental part of the project, and can be read as an autonomous publication. You can read it in the pavilion, and buy it at the biennale's book shop. The exhibition leaflet is available for download (French, English, Italian. About 1MB)

We would like to thank : Joke Baelus, Lucia Baldi, Charlélie Barcza, Olivier Bastin, Florence Beaurepaire, Koen Berghmans, Jean-Didier Bergilez, Mario Bonatto, Boups, Philippe Branckaert, Martin Cammarata, Michael Creek, Catherine Chretien (art on the move), Bernadette Denuit, Noureddine El Aft, Christian Evens (ULG), Rita Everaet, Claire Farah, Cecile Ghesquiere, Sophie Ghyselen, Marie-Cécile Guyaux, Aldo Giuponi, Renaud Haerlingen, Martin Hubinont, Christelle Jacques, David Jamar, Label Architecture, Pauline Lefebvre, Didier Lefèvre (STIB), Hans Luyten, Mandoux SPRL, An Mertens, Catherine Nguyen, Arnaud Nihoul (UCL), Stephanie Otte (UCL), Thomas Perissino, Claude Resimont (STIB), Jean-Cédric Rinchart (Strabag), Christine Roels, Tim Rottiers, Ann Selleslagh, SPI+, Spazio Legno snc, Isabelle Stengers, Michel Stevens (STIB), Televil, Lasj Tsintsadze, Alizé Vandercruyssen, Veerle Vanderleen, M. Vasa, Alice Versieux, Ville de Liège, Dominique Vollbracht (Strabag), Zinneke asbl

Unless specified otherwise, text and images are published under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license by Rotor. For press inquiries please contact