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Coproduction is the title of the sixth issue of the serie 'Jeunes Architectures' by A16 and CIVA. The collection reflects the multiplicity of contemporary architectural practices in Belgium. Each volume in the collection analyses a specific aspect of a young firm's work. Issue number six is devoted to Rotor.

In this publication we question the appropriateness of traditional design methods, what the objective of a project should be, and what position to take as a designer.

Rotor Coproduction A16 & CIVA, 2010, 80 pages, texts in French and in English, ISBN: 2- 930391-35-9, EAN: 9782930391359, Copyright registration: D/2010/93791. Jean-Didier Bergilez, Marie-Cécile Guyaux & Véronique Patteeuw (A16) with Tristan Boniver, Lionel Devlieger, Maarten Gielen & Michaël Ghyoot (Rotor)

The Jeunes Architectures collection is co-produced by CIVA (International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape) and A16. The collection is supported by the French Community of Wallonia-Brussels.

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